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Remuda Building is proud to offer Post Frame Homes. The building industry is constantly growing and evolving, and we’re staying ahead of the curve.For more information about your next acreage home go to Residential Buildings.

Post frame homes are a great option for anyone planning a new home on their rural or acreage property. Almost any design and look, both inside and out, can be achieved with versatility of post frame construction.
Post frame homes take advantage of modern building design and post structure construction to deliver versatile, durable and sustainable homes in a cost-effective manner, without sacrificing quality, features or structural integrity.


For more information about Remuda’s Alberta Post Frame Homes contact us today at 403-651-4304!

To view more of our post-frame building projects in Alberta visit our galleries.


Look no further…
more information on the upcoming shows in southern and central Alberta that Remuda Building will be at.
2017 Exhibition Park AG ExpoMARCH 1st-3rd at Exhibition Park in Lethbridge, AB is the 2017 Ag Expo.
 Stettler Recreation Centre
APRIL 7th – 9th at the Stettler Recreation Centre in Stettler, AB is the 2017 Stettler Trade Show.


APRIL 21st- 23 at Westerner Park in Red Deer, AB is the 2017 Mane Event Expo.

Strathmore Stampede Ag Grounds - Remuda Building

AUGUST 4th – 6th at the Strathmore Ag Grounds in Strathmore, AB is the 2017 Strathmore Stampede.

We cant wait to see you soon!

P E R M A – C O L U M N

New to Remuda Building!

We are now offering Perma-Columns as an option to your post frame building!
Perma-Columns are a precast concrete column that keep the wood out of the ground, ensuring the best  foundation for your building. Perma-Columns act as an extension of the wood post so that only material that comes in contact with the soil is concrete. This eliminates the chance of rot.
Perma-Columns are the first product to combine the economy of post frame construction with the durability of a concrete foundation.

R | Trade Show Insert - Limitless Options BACK 2017

We have so many pole frame building construction options! We are not going to build you into a box. From porches, to interior mezzanines and framing, to concrete and eavestroughing, to grade guard to perma-column, we will do whatever it takes to make your post frame building process manageable. We know everyone has a different style, tastes, and needs, so why should you have to build within set parameters? We work with you to make your custom visions a reality.


Doors, doors & more doors.

What works best for my building? There is a ton of options for large entry doors, and sometimes it tough to decide what works best for different applications.  Well we have tried to simplify it somewhat with a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of overhead, slider, and bi-fold doors.

Overhead Doors

  • Works great for all buildings types; Farm Shops, Barns, Oil & Gas Buildings, Farm Storage, Acreage Shops & Riding Arenas
  • Insulated
  • Available in widths ranging from 6’ to more than 24’ wide
  • Remote control or chain hoist option
  • Glass panel option lets a ton of natural light into the building

Overhead Doors

Bifold Doors

  • Best for Farm Shop, Farm Storage, Aircraft Hangars
  • Doors can span up to 90’ & full height access to the building
  • Can also be insulated & provide a great seal
  • Remote control options
  • Requires access to power

Bifold Doors

Sliding Doors

  • Best for Barns, Riding Arenas and Cold Storage Buildings
  • Great lower cost option
  • Single sliding or bi-parting
  • Able to choose metal color

Sliding Doors

Introducing John Schouten

Jon Schouten

Jon Schouten has worked with Remuda for almost 2 years now so we decided it’s time for everyone to get to know him a little better. After tying him to his office chair, we finally had a chance for him to answer some questions.

My hometown is…
I was born in Surrey B.C. but later moved to Yarrow B.C. for a few years before landing in Calgary, AB. Alberta has been my home for almost 20 years.

Before Remuda…
I went to BCIT for my first 2 years of electrical school and then competed my 3rd, 4th and Masters level at SAIT in Calgary along with a number of different courses in Sales, Marketing and Management.

I started working at 4 Star Electric and was there for 17 years, working my way up from apprentice electrician to site foreman, service manager and finally company trainer.

I love working at Remuda because…
We really do have a great all around team – from management to the crew members in the field! Many of our customers have said this as well which makes my job a lot easier and the customers experience more enjoyable. I enjoy helping a client put together the plans for their building, working on a solution that will work for them. I want all customers to be completely satisfied with their buildings.

People would say…
I’m knowledgeable, efficient and seek to serve the customer well. My kids and wife would probably say I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I like to see things done properly and right the first time.

When I’m not working, I’m probably
Hanging out with my beautiful wife and 3 kids. We enjoy getting out to the mountains on my quad, camping, going to church and spending time with friends.
– Jon Schouten, Sales Representative

Indoor Riding Arenas

Superior Construction -Riding Arena

80 x 140 x 18 Riding Arena

indoor horse riding arena

Whether you work with horses for a living or just love to get out and ride anytime of the year, an indoor horse riding arena is a fantastic addition to any property. Indoor riding arenas protect you from blowing snow in the winter or pouring rain in the spring. No longer would you have to think about the forecast before planning a riding session. Riding arena construction is not something to be taken lightly, it is a substantial investment and should be considered carefully. Remuda Building has the ability to take you through the process with countless options, great value, and superior construction.

Building Leasing

Leasing equipment, vehicles, and trailers is something that happens often in today’s world and can make a lot of financial sense, especially in a business environment.

What a lot of people don’t know is that leasing options for the agricultural community extends to buildings as well. Most people don’t realize that leasing a new barn, shop or storage building is just as easy as financing and while interest rates may be slightly higher than regular loans, a couple key benefits may make leasing the right option for you!
Quick and painless: Rates are based on your credit rating and the approval process tends to be faster than that of a bank.

The entire cost of the building could be tax deductible: Rather than just the interest portion of a purchase payment, the entire yearly cost of the building could be written off against your income.

Save your cash: No traditional down payments help preserve your cash reserves and frees up space on your Operating Loans or Line of Credit for other farm expenses.

Our sales team can point you towards a leasing company that can fit your needs, and support you through the buying process. Call us today to make your building dreams a reality.

Hip Roof Barns

Hip Roof Barns

There is nothing more picturesque than a well-established farm site with the original hip roof barn standing tall. These old barns are a distinct part of our history and come with a host of good memories. With that in mind it can be difficult to part with a barn when repairs and maintenance are no longer feasible.

When it’s time for a new farm building it’s great to know that there are options for preserving that distinct barn feel. One of our recent customers decided a gambrel truss on a new 40’ x 60’ barn was a great way to keep the traditional look but last for the future generations of his growing family. An overhang flare and a widows peak were added to the roof system and the vaulted truss system allowed for overhead doors that would still fit the tractor. The 4’ x 8’ sliding doors give quick access to move cattle in and out. Overall this barn was a great mix of form and functionality.

Can You Build a Post Frame Building in the Winter?

Short Answer: Absolutely!

Long Answer: As we enjoy another beautiful fall season, we are often faced with a common question; can you build in the winter? The majority of people believe that as soon as the snow flies our building season comes to end; however for Remuda Building this just means it’s time to put an extra layer on.

One of the main advantages of post frame construction over traditional building methods is the fact that there are no concrete foundations to pour, eliminating the need for difficult concrete work in sub-zero temperatures. We have the proper tools and equipment to allow for a smooth building process no matter what time of year.

Although some believe that building in the winter should cost more, we at Remuda have chosen to keep our pricing consistent throughout the year. Building though the winter allows us to provide year round work for our crew members, ensuring the best trained team, and giving you the quality of work that you have come to appreciate from Remuda Building.

Prior to freeze up it is always a good idea to have a relatively flat building site in mind and a packed clay base is ideal if a concrete building slab will be needed in the future. Getting some of the ground work done now can really save time in the future.

If you have any questions about any of this or would like to know more about planning for your next building, do not hesitate to give us a call at (403) 651-4304 or email

Post Frame Building in the Winter

Remuda Building is an NFBA accredited member


Taking pride in our work is something that means a lot to Remuda Building. We take measures to set ourselves apart from other post-frame builders, and make sure the product you receive is top quality and constructed to meet top industry standards.

Becoming accredited with NFBA is one way we ensure quality to our customers. You can be sure that Remuda stays up-to-date on industry knowledge and integrity in our business.

The National Frame Builders Association (NFBA), is a non-profit trade association that promotes the interests of the post-frame construction industry and its members. The association’s members are primarily post-frame builders, suppliers, manufacturers, building material dealers, code and design professionals, and structural engineers.

To find out more about what being an NFBA member is about, visit their website.